Thursday, 8 November 2012

Black Hawk Mines Music News: Red Remains America’s Favorite This Week

Country-pop Singer Taylor Swift's "Red" Still No. 1 in the U.S. Album Chart for Three Weeks

Taylor swift continues to step a notch everyday, country-pop singer started at a very young age and from then on she struggled on her way up.  Her hardships didn’t last long.  She found her big break and here she is as how we know her.  Hardships are really paying off, singer’s album "Red" topped the U.S. album chart for a second week despite a big percentage drop.

Singer-songwriter Swift has undoubtedly paved the way to stardom on her own.  She gained the respect of her fans by being one of them.  Teen girls idolize her by being her, she’s reasonably gorgeous even in ballet flats.  She’s awkward but speaks her mind through her song.  She’s a geek chic oozing with sex appeal.  And above all, she’s a star but she is approachable.  It was not a surprise that her forth album “Red” is another big hit.

Released October 22, 2012 through Big Machine Records, Red is the fourth studio album by singer-song writer Taylor Swift.  According to Nielsen SoundScan data for the week ending Nov. 4, “Red” retained the apex with 344,000 copies sold, may sound much but actually it has a decline of 72% from  1.21 million sales on the first week.  Despite the big difference in terms of sales, Red maintained to be on top on the second week and until now on its third week.

There is no stopping “Red”, industry forecasters put forward that the album will spend a third straight week atop the Billboard 200 chart next week.   The new Billboard 200 chart's top 10 will be revealed on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Red is a 16-song geyser of willful emotions, Swift’s songs grows with her as well.  As she ages her songs matures with her. 

Album includes songs entitled, 1. ”State of Grace” – a not typical Taylor at all is what you will see in this song, she was blindsided by love.  Lush and dreamy, a drum driven song is what you can expect in “State of Grace”.  2. “Red”- this song is a different shade for Taylor, it talks about how impossible it is moving on from a past love.  The song really captures the feeling and emotions of a bitter heart.  3. “Treacherous”- She knows he’s not good for her but she can’t help herself, is the drama of this song.  Swift delivered her lyrics with a delicate voice while enough twang in the guitars of this tender ballad.  4. “I Knew you Were Trouble”- a cute track! With the upbeat music and repetition of the lyrics, the song has nursery rhyme vibe in it.  5. “All Too Well”- melancholy confessional ballad with stuffed lyrics.  6. “22”- a fun song with an energy of ‘WANEGBT’ and some Avril Lavigne-style sass.  Song dedicated for teens and how complex their life can get.  7. “I Almost Do”- wanting an ex boyfriend back is Swift’s drama in this song but she holds back.  It’s a push and pull of her restricting from what she truly wants.  8. “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”- this one talks about loving yourself first, teaching oneself not to drown over a one-sided love story.  But sure this song can make you dance like crazy.  9. “Stay Stay Stay”- swift goes indie rock one the second time in this album.  The song goes with handclaps and girlish swing on it.  10. “The Last Time”- the most adult and contemporary track in the album.  11. “Holy Ground”- fast and uber catchy, sure this song can make you move your feet on the floor.  12. “Sad Beautiful Tragic”- perfect sample why Swift is truly a poet, best listen to with your ears open wide and heart listening attentively.  13. “The Lucky One”- tap tap beat, a fun song, which makes Red really a balance album.  14. “Everything Has Changed”-  you’ll no longer miss Swift’s doing acoustic, here is a song for acoustic lovers  and swifters. 15. “Starlight” 16. “Begin Again”- a song that can keep you warm, a song that you will love to hear over and over.

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