Monday, 25 November 2013

MusicGarage Relocates

New Building Is a “Musicians Resource Center”

Once more, the air conditioning went kaput at the MusicGarage’s previous location on 1700 South in the middle of July this year, the sweltering heat was enough to make program founder/director Steve Auerbach seek out some new digs due to the blazing-hot glory of summer that made a major bummer

The MusicGarage now is located at 250 W. 1300 South, it began in 2009 as an after-school program housed in a 12-foot-by-12-foot room at the Utah Arts Alliance, and it is just west of the 1300 South Trax station.  “This place had more lint in the ducts than you can ever imagine,” Auerbach says.  Its prior use as an appliance-repair store might seem like a far cry from anything music-related, but with its spacious layout and convenient location, it’s perfect for the big plans he has in mind for the space.

Describing it as a multifunction, multipurpose music venue and “musicians resource center,” Auerbach says the newly renovated 190-capacity, 2,700-square-foot building features a full sound system, a digital light system, a stage, a production/green room and several other rooms than can be divided into areas for local teachers to hold individual music lessons.  The whole space can also be rented out for private events like the bar service is available by request or to those who needs a spot to host a wedding reception or wanting to shoot a high-quality video of a live performance by their band without a crowd of strangers jostling the camera.

Auerbach says he’d also like to open the stage to more than just music acts, including comedy, theater and spoken-word performances, as well as feature local art in the foyer—complete with gallery-style track lighting.

Regardless of all the changes and despite the fact that the MusicGarage is still a music-education program at its core it is devoted to providing accessiblehigh-quality, creativity-nurturing musical instruction through a sliding-scale fee system and scholarship fund. Each and every genres of music are taught, and the group sessions endorse collaboration.  At the same time as MusicGarage is popular for teaching kids, adults are also welcome to come and learn.  Auerbach opens to start next year, future classes like the adult jam session and the rock & roll choir, which will start in January and be open to all ages.

To celebrate the grand opening of the new building, a private party/concert was held at the MusicGarage on Friday, Nov. 22, featuring local bands Minx and Cavedoll and MusicGarage graduate bands The Departure and Cosmic Aeroplane.

Auerbach says the MusicGarage is essential to the students’ musical development, and gives the kids “a place where they can fit in, a place where they can belong. And all of this becomes like sacred ground for them.”

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