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Kanye West: Excited Father-to-be | My BlackHawk Mines Music

Kanye West’s series of concerts in Atlantic City last December 30, 2012 came to be a surprise for everyone.  Every night he managed to surprise everyone, on the first night he played dress-up, second night he ranted.  But the third and final night was the night he shocked everyone, he declared that he is a father-to-be.  This was the first time we ever saw him with a genuine happiness on his face, he couldn’t take that smile off.

At 35, Kanye is as excited as a kid on his Christmas presents.  During a freestyle of “Lost in the World” he revealed that Kim kardashan, 32, will going to be his “baby’s mama.”

Kanye was really happy when he heard about the news.  “He’s known this for some time now,” according to reliable source.  “You don’t even know how f**king excited this [guy] is about being a father.”  So blackmail is not a question here because he is genuinely happy.

Kanye was overcome with emotion when Kim told him the good news, the source added.

The sorce also revealed, “He’s like really on one right now and I don’t know if I should say this, but [Kanye] was crying when Kim told him she was knocked up.”

The source also adds, “I heard he got on his knees in front of Kim, she rubbed his head while he was crying and he was kissing her stomach. Guess he was overwhelmed at that point and couldn’t believe he’s about to be a father.”

This is all maybe because Kanye in fact grew up without his father by his side.  His parents got divorced and Kanye and his mother moved to Chicago when he was 3.  He will only go and see his father on Christmas, spring break and summer.  He considers his father as his everything although most of the time his mother was his everything.  He once said to an interview, “It gets to the point that when you go to high school and you wasn’t out in the streets like that, and you ain’t have no father figure, or you wasn’t around your father all the time, who you gonna act like? You gonna act like your mother. … And then everybody in high school be like, “Yo, you actin’ like a f–. Dog, you gay?” And I used to deal with that when I was in high school.”  Maybe this is exactly his reason why he is excited to become a dad.

Although Kardashian’s family was as excited as Kanye, latter’s family reacted negatively.  Kim’s family even tweeted about her pregnancy with Kanye.
Kanye’s family was the first ones to learn about Kim’s pregnancy and let us just say that they did not react like Kim’s family.  Tony Williams, Kanye’s cousin, said that Kanye’s baby announcement wasn’t met with champagne showers by his family.
He said that when Kanye spilled the news when he flew in the day after Christmas without Kim, they were quite and shocked.
The family did not respond so Kanye had to ask Tony for his reaction and he said, “You are 35 years old.  You have to have a kid eventually.”
But eventually the family came around and said that they are all really excited for him and Kim.    Yes, excited but shocked.

As we all know Kim is still technically married to Kris Humphries, so marriage was still not in the way for the two.  And blackmail is out of the question because the couple looks happy in their situation.

They have been quite about it.  And the family did not ask about it too according to Tony that is because Kanye did not say anything about it.

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