Friday, 4 January 2013

What will be the Music Trends this 2013?

Let’s predict the future by analyzing culture and trends today.  Last year has been the year for the solo female pop vocalists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, etc.  Solo male vocals were also hit last year like Psy, Eminen, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, etc.  These guys churning out all Top 20 hits all over the world.  There has been much collaboration with featured singers, with all the rapping, dub step and dance music.  But what genre or style of music will be dominant this 2013.

If 2012 meant to the dub step it is not the case this year because 2013 cannot come quick enough.  Although it will just be a passing phase this year because the lasting strong points of the year seem to be turning to the indie alternative gone pop.  It seems that 2013 will focus more on the artist which made 2012 only its transition.

Some made the prediction that guitar music may return to radio playlist in the near future.  It is expected that new guitar music is to be a fusion of something that will be playing in the radio stations this year.  This is actually already been starting.  More attention seems to be leaning towards the young singer-songwriter who plays the instrument and the hot tween pre-made dance talent is slowly vanishing.

This could mean Justin Bieber may be on his way out sooner than expected.  May this be a warning for him so that he can mature in terms of his music.  Songs like his built trend for the next wave and pop music could use some wake-up call wit more artist that could make a mainstream impact.

90’s R&B will go even more mainstream, this is due to almost every artist feels compelled to reel off their R&B influences.  When you go night out, you will never fail to endure repeated plays of R Kelly's She's Got That Vibe.  With many artists sprouting in every corner, attention span grows short regarding the choice or artist that listeners will listen to.  Those who cannot reinvent themselves will be quick to fall of the radar.

The charts below are the albums that are to be released this year.


Release date
Third studio Album
To be announced
Second studio album
debut album
 Long. Live. A$AP
 hip hop/rap
 Debut album
Second studio album
Second Studio Album
Blueblack Hussar
To be announced
Goomba Music
Follow up album afterFight the Frequency, Fifth studio album
Second studio album
True North
Sixteenth studio album; might be their last one[2]
Beta Love
Third studio album
Fourth studio album, third country album
First studio album since 2009'sInfini; first release with Daniel Mongrainon guitar and Blackyon bass since 1991'sAngel Rat
Gary Allan, Greg Droman,Jay Joyce, Mark Wright
Ninth studio album
Sixth studio album; Double album.
Second studio album.
In Time
First studio album since splitting in 2003.
Seventh studio album.
Second studio album
A Messenger
Debut studio album



*above charts from

Warning: do not buy pirated CDs.  This will affect the music industry.  How we listen and how we purchase will affect these artists and the future trends.

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